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The aim of the book is to present basic knowledge and interesting facts about the egg, a unique source of major nutrients in human diet. In fact, there is now a considerable accumulation of data on the chemical components of the egg and their significant potential in terms of modern nutritional requirements. However, this has been, and still remains, largely within the sphere of the researcher and academic with little such data making it into the public domain.  The general public is therefore left to largely rely on generalisations and misinterpretations to assess the worth of the egg as part of their diet. The following is hopefully an appropriate, if belated, effort to reverse this shortcoming.

It is in no way an attempt to persuade opinion one way or the other with regard to the egg’s merit or otherwise in present day health issues. It is an attempt merely to give facts and figures on the range of components that exist within the egg and which can be deemed as nutritionally beneficial. At the very least it is hoped that some degree of interest and understanding will be gleaned about the nutritional diversity of the egg and whether a renewal of nutritional faith is justified or not.

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