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"A very readable and thorough insight into all aspects of the avian egg.  If you ever want to know anything about eggs, this is your book." Joe Travers, Nutritionist, London


"Should be a best seller! Information and more about this most important food, told in an accessible, authoritative and humorous manner". E. Harris, Ayr


"Final proof that eggs are good for you is provided in this readable yet evidence-based book. Twenty chapters on the formation and nutritional contents are interspersed with fun facts about this ubiquitous food. All in all, an excellent  book for the agriculture and nutrition student, as well as an easy, informative read for the average consumer" Carrie Ruxton, Freelance Dietitian, Fife


"A fun and informative book. Helpful and useful for the professional poultry keeper, the back garden chicken keeper and anyone who eats or likes eggs. I am still giggling about some of the facts brought out!! The book contains something for everyone. I really enjoyed the book" Suzie Baldwin, Poultry Dealer, Surrey.


"I really enjoyed this book. As a dietitian and lecturer in nutrition and dietetics, I was impressed with the scientific content and exploration of the nutritional benefits of eggs. I would recommend this book to my students. On the other hand, it would be equally enjoyable to the general reader as no in-depth knowledge is needed to understand it as any scientific concept are very clearly explained. The factual content is well interspersed with amusing and curious facts about every possible aspect of eggs, making for an enjoyable read".  Dr. Jennie Jackson, Department of Life Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University.


"Thanks for your book. It is excellent and just what is needed to further dispel myths around this excellent food. This succinct little guide to the nutritional virtues of eggs puts them back where they ought to be, at the heart of our diet". Joanna Blythman, Food Journalist, London.


"This little book could well be subtitled "Everything you ever wanted to know about eggs, but did not know whom to ask". The authors are well qualified to answer questions having spent the greatest part of their careers as scientists and teachers involved with eggs. The book contains throughout cartoons, illustrations, interesting data and interesting factoids concerning eggs. For an egg aficionado like me, it makes fun reading. We can wish that doctors, dietitians, teachers and other pundints who influence people¢s decisions about food would read it. Egg farmers and others in the industry will enjoy it and surely learn a great deal more from the wide range of information presented".  Dr. Peter Hunton, Former Chairman, Ontario Egg Board, Former President of the World's Poultry Science Association, Canada


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4.0 out of 5 stars Very readable interesting book, 31 July 2013


C. S. Fox "Rubberdog" (Scotland) (REAL NAME)   

This review is from: Eggs in Your Life (Paperback)

It's a long-held belief that eggs are good for you. Now poultry experts, Dr Peter Surai and Dr Ray Noble, have finally provided proof in this readable, yet evidence-based, book. Over twenty chapters, we are taken through how eggs are formed and the specifics of their nutritional content, all interspersed with fun facts about this ubiquitous food. We are told why eggs are good for our eyesight, waistlines and muscles. All in all, this is an excellent book for the agriculture or nutrition student, as well as an easy, informative read for the average consumer.



5.0 out of 5 stars A little book of interesting facts!, 9 July 2013

By (Great Britain) -

This review is from: Eggs in Your Life (Paperback)

This book gives you the answer to the aged old question 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?'

This little book is packed full of interesting details and facts we loved it. It's a fascinating and informative read and kept me wanting to keep turning the pages!



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