New Developments

About the company

The main aim of Feed-Food is improvement of profitability of its clients through development, transfer and implementation of innovative technologies and practices from around the world.

The company now works in a number of countries, including United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova,Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and Lithuania

The main focus of Feed-Food is on the following:

  1. Research and Development
  2. Consultancy
  3. Trade

We work with a number of leading companies to bring about positive changes in the nutrition, feed production, husbandry and other sectors of food production industry around the world.

Our business partners include worldwide leaders in their respective fields:

  • Premier Nutrition Products – a UK leader in nutritional expertise and production of premixes for pigs and poultry
  • Primary Diets – a UK leader in production of prestarter feeds for baby piglets
  • Anitox – a world leader in production of products for feed biosecurity and feed mill usage optimisation

Our major developments are:

  • A technology of producing antioxidant-enriched eggs and meat
  • An antistress composition of the new generation PerforMax supplied with water for poultry and pigs
  • A new exclusive book "Eggs in your life", published in June 2013

Our Partners